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Recently I made a TikTok explaining how I threw the coolest Murder Mystery party for my birthday. Unfortunately, TikTok deemed it to be too adult so I figured I’d expand on the rules of the party here. Feel free to take this idea and make it your own!


  1. You’ll need at least three “Poisons.” I made three mystery drinks that consisted of different types of very strong mixed drinks. I recommend having extras just in case. Some non-alcoholic alternatives could be extra spicy hot sauces, mystery foods, etc. The point is for the poisons to be a deterrent. This is what will prevent your guests from accusing everyone willy nilly.

  2. You’ll also need to create a list for the “Murderers to-do list.” This is basically a scavenger hunt of tasks that the murderer will be doing in secret. Ideally the list will be a mix of easy and challenging tasks to do without being noticed. This list should be displayed publicly so all of the guests can see it. Feel free to check out my list for inspo.

  3. Make enough folded paper slips for each guest. On one of the slips write the word “Murderer” and toss them all in a hat.

  4. Lastly, this is optional but it makes it way more fun. Ask all of your guests to dress up in costumes. I found that it helps everyone get into the spirit of the game. Typically people dress in 1920’s costumes for murder mystery parties, but I told everyone to come in whatever decade they wanted.


  1. After all the guests have arrived, everyone will draw slips of paper from a hat. The guest who draws the paper slip that says Murderer is… you guessed it, the murderer. Everyone should keep their papers a secret. This marks the beginning of the game.

  2. The murderer's objective is to do each of the tasks on the murderers to-do list without being noticed by the other guests. The murderer should do their best to document each task in some way for proof of completion.

  3. If another guest suspects someone of being the murderer they can publicly accuse that person. If they are incorrect, they must drink one of the poisons and are now dead. If they are correct, the murderer must drink all three poisons and the game is finished.

  4. Because the murderer’s to-do list is public, this opens the door for anyone to do the items on the list so that other guests will accuse them of being the murderer and have to drink a poison. This can be done for strategic reasons to help narrow down suspects or just to try to get your friends to drink. This is the key to making the game extra fun and that much more challenging.

  5. If the murderer completes all the tasks without being accused, they have won the game and can reveal themself. The murderer should walk the guests through each task and how they got away with it.

  6. Alternatively, if someone accuses the murderer correctly, they have caught the murderer and won the game.


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